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2013-14: Re-Living Pass and Move

  • 2013-14: Re-Living Pass and Move
  • 2013-14: Re-Living Pass and Move
  • 2013-14: Re-Living Pass and Move

Pass and move, pass and move; it was the Liverpool ethos in 2013/14. The Kop was bouncing at every game, all across the world Liverpool supporters cheered and sang. 

I should know; I was one of them. I stood at the Anfield Road end in September 2013 against Southampton. I stood in Cheers Bar, Sydney in April 2014 against Norwich.

What a time to be a Liverpool supporter.

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Pass and move, pass and move. Gerrard anchoring the mid-field as Henderson bossed across the pitch. Suarez and Sturridge, the SAS, plundering goals up front.

It was exhilarating football. Matches were nervous but enjoyable. The emphasis was always on attack. Football played the Liverpool way.

It was football that made the people happy. Fellow Reds all with a smile throughout the season. This wasn't the dour, nervous football from 2008-09, this was football that enticed you in by its supreme pace and excitement.

It was full gas from the start. The season was personified by pure passion.

It was Gerrard with his top off at Fulham, it was Suarez with three against Norwich, it was Skrtel's head against Arsenal, it was Sterling's finish against City.

Pass and move, pass and move.

For so long Liverpool supporters had grown weary of seeing their side struggle through the season. 

The end of Benitez was painful, Hodgson's tenure was forgettable and even the great King Kenny struggled to breathe life into the club he'd still play for if he could.

The passion was back, optimism was back, enjoyment was back.

"WE ARE LIVERPOOL" was proudly expressed from all around Anfield. Indeed glory beckoned from around the fields of Anfield Road.

Late nights were looked forward to. 2 am, 3 am, it didn't matter. This was Liverpool. This was pass and move.

The League title was not to be. But this isn't purely about the title, it's about the belief and the passion instilled in supporters that had been missing for nearly half a decade. 

It was hope.

It was about not fearing mid-table teams but putting them to the sword. About welcoming teams to Anfield with a show of red strength.

It was about experiencing what was once experienced with Shankly at the helm. Pride in the performance and a team that supporters felt was unbeatable.

It was about confidence. The same type of confidence that Shankly and Paisley embodied.

Pass and move, pass and move. It was one wild ride. It's a season full of stories, of watching your heroes in red run up and down the pitch making you feel like a kid believing in Santa again.

And it was done with Brendan Rodgers at the helm. He may be moving on now, but he gave Liverpool supporters nine months that we will never forget.

Nine months of pass and move, pass and move.

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