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Aaron Rodgers making case for GOAT

  • Aaron Rodgers making case for GOAT

They say that for the greatest athletes, time slows down for them, they know what's going to happen before it happens. 

Don Bradman was compact and calm at the crease, Andrew Johns was three plays ahead of everyone else, Michael Jordan looked like he was from another planet and defenders were convinced that Pele was from another planet.

Right now, Aaron Rodgers is schooling every NFL defence he comes across. He always seems to have time in the pocket and when the pocket collapses he's completely unflappable.

Since the start of last season when, in response to Green Bay's sluggish start to the year, he suggested everyone needed to R-E-L-A-X, Rodgers seems to be the most relaxed of all.

And at Green Bay, he seems the most relaxed. It has been 1,030 days, 580 passing attempts and 51 touchdowns since Rodgers was last intercepted at Lambeau field.

The key to Rodgers' current run without an interception is down to his often unerring accuracy. In the 2014 season he threw for 4,381 yards, completing 341/520 passes with 38 touchdowns and five interceptions. 

Out of Rodgers' five intercepts last season, only one was cleanly picked off. The other four were juggled catches by his receivers. When Rodgers misses, he doesn't really miss.

Rodgers, as at 14 September 2015 has made 3,498 career passing attempts, 229 touchdowns with only 57 of those passes intercepted. 

That's a touchdown conversion rate of 6.3 per cent, placing him third all-time and an interception rate of just 1.6 per cent, the lowest intercept ratio in NFL history. 

Currently, Rodgers is a statistical anomaly. So far in the 2015 season, he has thrown 10 touchdowns, no interceptions and is completing at a whopping 74.4 per cent. 

Keep in mind, he's doing this with number one receiver Jordy Nelson injured and a re-worked offensive line.

Along with Rodgers making few mistakes, he's become even more adept at forcing opponents into their own.

In Monday night football, Rodgers caught Kansas City with an extra man on the field and caused the Chiefs' offensive line to jump early three times, giving him three free plays with one of them resulting in a touchdown.

Defences struggle to contain Rodgers even when it looks as if he's under pressure. 

Again, on Monday night, when in the Chiefs' red zone, he looked to his right and saw all his receivers covered, he got pressured, spun out of contact, looked to his left and fired to rookie Ty Montgomery who scored his first career touchdown. 

He made it look simple despite most quarterbacks in this situation either firing the ball out of play or running it themselves to avoid the sack.

However, despite all his statistical records, Rodgers needs one important statistic: multiple Super Bowl rings. 

He has one from the 2010 season but if he is to be considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, he'll need to bring the Lombardi trophy home at least twice more. 

In his current form, that could be sooner rather than later.

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